Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Photographic Journey - Part 1


Unofficially, photography is one of my hobby since childhood. That time, there’s no digital camera. Only analog point and shoot camera with film. The earliest moment (if I still remember it) that I’m using a camera was during family trip to Langkawi (around 1998-99). I still remembered, it was a picture of my father and my youngest bro in Underwaterworld. And, it was a good picture as my sister said.

After that, I kept playing around with a “rosak” camera that I found at home. No batteries, no film rolls. But I used to point it onto something, pressed the shutter button and pretend that I’d get a good pictures. Haha. That time…

Two years in ASiS. At that time, it was a mix of film and digital compact camera. Those who have digicam were considered as rich. I’m still using film one. Even that one is borrowed and I do take casual pictures only at the end of form 5.

I forgot what's the camera brand. But for sure, it's film.

My class of 2005, 5 Bestari.


I got my first P&S few days before I left for New Zealand (early 2009). Before that, I never had a chance to use camera at all. It was an Olympus FE-230. I bring it every time and everywhere I’m going. But still, this time I’m not really serious about the pictures quality and composition. It just simply point, and then shoot. Plus upload it on Facebook without any retouch or editing.


I don't have a scanner, so there's my camera played the role. Haha.

Taken during trip to Wellington.


I even used it to frame my other hobby : cooking :)



Honestly, I’m not really serious about going for a DSLR. I know this kind of camera even before I came to New Zealand. There are few of my friends in Kolej MARA Seremban (KMS) that have one. Until finally, I had a chance to try it myself, thanks to Lutfi (my senior in Massey). I’m attracted to the pictures produced in terms of its quality. No grainy noise (except when it’s pushed to higher ISO) and it can distinguish subject between in and out-of focus.

Clubs Registration Day 015

Lutfi. Person responsible to motivate me with photography. Haha.

Finally, in the end of winter-break (early of July) I bought my first DSLR, that is Nikon D60. Why Nikon? Why not Canon? Because Lutfi told me that since most of the DSLR users in Palmy are Nikonian. So, it’s easy to change lens and accessories etc. From there, I became serious in photography (as a hobby of course :D). First of my pictures was during the Bersatu Games held in Massey. Not a good one indeed since I’m using my kit-lens (18-55mm VR). And then, pictures around campus and Palmy. Till that time, I still not retouch and edit my pictures, until I bought my second lens.

The Longest Walking 021

Same like the P&S one, I bring it when I'm going out for jogging :)

The Longest Walking 011

One of my early shots with D60

Test-Shot-D60 009

First editing online using Picnik.

The first editing software that I used was Adobe Photoshop CS4. And it’s a great software indeed. Although it is complicated at first, finally I did master the basic use of it. I did install few other software like Photomatix etc. And I signed up for a Flickr Pro account for two years so that I can share all of my pictures online.

My second lens was a Nikkor AF-S DX 55-200mm f/3.5-5.6 VR . It’s a telephoto lens I bought for a second-hand price. It was a good lens. I found that, when I’m using greater focal length, the depth of field (DOF) is really obvious. From there, apart from surrounding / landscape, I did shooting for birds, wildlife and sports.

One of my personal achievement that time was to take pictures of friendly match between NZ and Malaysia National Hockey team that was held in Palmerston Nth. It receives many positive feedbacks indeed, including feedback from the hockey team members as well (from Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin and Jivan Mohan).

Hockey-Malaysia vs New Zealand

Malaysia lost that time to NZ. 3-0.

Hoki Malaysia 083a

Sakura Fest 09 056a

lenses 021

Few pictures taken with my 55-200mm.


From there, I was given opportunity to be the photographer for Massey Uni Malaysian Student Assoc. (MUMSA) events, assisting Lutfi and John (AJK Multimedia). This including Hari Raya Open House, Meeting with MSD, and few sports events.

Open House Mumsa 2009 123

MUMSA Hari Raya


I was “unintentionally” involved with Massey Uni. Pakistani Assoc (MUPSA)’s events actually. It begin with a weekend trip to Lake Taupo that I joined with my housemate that time, Mr Tariq Mahmood. He is PhD student, and hold a post in MUPSA as Multimedia coordinator (later become the vice-President of MUPSA). Impressed with pictures I took during the trip, he then asked me to cover MUPSA’s weekly cricket match. And they ‘re also impressed. Later that year, they appointed me as their “official photographer”, and I was given tasks to cover their events like Pakistan Independence Day, and Super Six Cricket Tournament.

Taupo's Swift Trip 092

Mr Tariq Mahmood (a.k.a. Bhutta saab)

Taupo's Swift Trip 171

Picture taken during the trip to Taupo


Pakistan Independence Day celebration. I was the official photographer that time.


MUPSA's cricket tournament.


I went back to Malaysia during summer. And of course, since no assignments and exams that need to be worried, I spent most of my times with my D60. I also read few books about basics of photography. And, I did upgrading my gear as well (Bought a Nikon SB600, external flash).

During a visit to ASiS (as I did every year), I was lucky to photograph my school’s surroundings and students (batch 6 that time) in the eve of SPM’s final paper. Shared it on my facebook, the pictures got many attentions and feedbacks from friends, especially OASiS. Even the teachers give feedbacks (please refer this ENTRY).

ASiSKL-08-Alam Shah


One of my masterpiece. ASiS's current principal.


Taken during second visit on February, early this year.

To be honest, since from that trip to ASiS, I was known to many people. And it’s actually motivated me to get better pictures after that.



saye kerink said...

Salam. Wohooo naik dari film ke digital, digital ke dslr.

anyway, i really like the scene in yr early shots. sangat damai... jogging pagi pagi dekat situ mesti sangat best.. fiuhhhhh best!

Nadly said...

Bese la FF. Mule2 kne merangkak, pastu berjalan.Finally baru boleh berlari :P

Yup. missed that time. Coz time tu tinggal kt uni nye hall. So dekat dengan walking trails around countryside. Memang best :)

Tapi skang since tinggal kt tengah2 town, so xdpat la nk pegi selalu. Tp kt town pun best gak. Ade Esplanade. Tepi sungai. Best jalan petang2 kt situ. Huhu.