Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tebiat Orang Kita.

Aku baru je tadi bukak page Ustaz Kazim dalam facebook. Utk pengetahuan semua, aku memang peminat setia Ustad ni. Tiap2 pagi time nak gi uni / masa nak balik umah aku denga ceramah ustad ni dalam Ipod aku.

Jadi perati la satu post ni dari admin page tu:


Dan komen2 yang sepatutnya mesti la ada kaitan dengan tajuk tu (pasal pengajian). Tapi ada la dua tiga orang kita yang tak bape nak cerdik ni tulis komen2 yang berikut:


Ada pulak tu yang dok perli :



Dah banyak kali dah puak2 macam depa ni dok tulis lagu ni. Akhirnya ustad sendiri yang reply:



Kata perjuang Islam, tapi ni dok memfitnah, mengutuk ustad. Dok sambut hari guru, tapi tak hormat ke orang yang mengajar kita. Ni apa ni? Orang lain sibuk mikir cemane nak tambah ilmu, nak tambah duit tapi orang kita?

Sikit2 politik.

Sikit2 nak gaduh.

Sikit2 nak cari gaduh.

Sikit2 dengki ke orang.

Lu pikir la sendiri.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My New Camera : GF2

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I used to bring my Nikon D700 around when I want to do candid or street shooting. But somehow I think that it's kinda heavy and it's easily to be noticed by people around that might make em feel uneasy. Plus I need to capture videos too sometimes.

So I had come into two solutions :

- Buy a compact camera.

- Buy a smartphone.

Initially I'm more to the 2nd solution but somehow, I think I will not going to use it often (plus from the experience of my members here, smart phones eat lotsa money through data usage etc). I'm kind of person that using phone for receiving text and calls + texting and calling only. So I dropped the 2nd choice.

So the compact cameras that I looked upon for survey were mostly micro four third format, like Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Initially I had consider Canon S95 but since I want a compact camera that has interchangeable lens system (I can use my Nikon lenses with this camera) so I dropped it down.

Finally, I had come across Panasonic Lumix GF2 which is the cheapest among these cameras. Bought it last two weeks, and so far I satisfied with it. Below are some pictures that I captured with this camera.



Studying in Library.

Main Street Terminal.

Hopkirk Research Institute.

The Centennial, Hokowhitu.

So, for the serious things like shooting events, sports, portraiture, landscapes, macro etc I will use Nikon D700. While for shooting some casual stuff like street, travel, urbanscape, abstract and videos I'll use this Panasonic Lumix GF2. And I recommend those who are looking for camera that match the image quality of DSLR but smaller in size, you can have a look on this one.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PM 4th Exhibition & KLPF 11'

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last weekend, there were two big photography events held in Kuala Lumpur, which are PhotoMalaysia 4th Annual Exhibition at Nikon Centre, Times Square and also KL Photography Festival 2011 at Mid Valley Megamall.

As I mentioned before, I have submitted few of my pictures, hoping that they will be selected to be displayed. The purpose was that I can introduce my artworks to the people much better and as a recognition of my skills.

The results of shortlisted photographers selected for PM 4th Exhibition was announced few days earlier in NikonClub website. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the list, which made me disappointed lil' bit. But I understand that it's not easy for me to be listed as I was competing with the very best photographers in Malaysia like Ted Adnan, Troy Lim, Soulfly etc.

But there's good news. Two of my pictures were selected to be displayed in KL Photography Festival 2011 (KLPF). This had put me on par with other known photographers such as An-Namir (known for his works at Darul Quran), Nazaruddin Wijee (known landscape photographer) and few more.

These are pictures that were selected :

Church Tower
Taken during trip to Dunedin.

Worm the Mr. Jamie Oliver.
Picture of my housemate preparing grilled lamb. He's famous last weekend I reckon.

Red arrow shown my picture on display.

Another one that was printed on the brochure with my name on it.

Was congratulated by fotokrapika @ Ahmad Jaa. He's known for his abstract/minimalist artworks and was also selected for PM 4th Annual Exhibition at Times Square.

That's all for now. Exams are few weeks ahead so I guess I have to focus on my revision from now on.

Cheers for reading.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Going Home Function 2011

Yesterday, International Students Support (ISS) Massey University held an event called "Going Home Function" at The Centre, Massey University campus.

The purpose of this event was to celebrate those who are going to complete their studies this year before going home for good.

They had opportunity to wear the graduation robes and received token of appreciation. Few of my friends were involved as they are in the final year and will graduate next year. I was asked to take their pictures.

Hafezz with the dignitaries of Massey University

Ahmad Yasir Mustafa Bakri
Ahmad Yasir Mustafa Bakri. Will graduate with Bachelor of Science.

Mohd Hafezzudeen Che Hassan
Mohd Hafezzudeen Che Hassan. Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering.

Ayu Shahiza Shahidan
Ayu Shahiza Shahidan. Bachelor of Environmental Technology and Sustaining Energy Engineering

Ayu with friends.

Congratulations to them and I pray that you're completing the course smoothly.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stars Gazing Alongside Manawatu River

Assalamualaikum wbt,

After a week at Nikon Service Centre in Auckland for annual maintenance, finally I got my D700 back in action last Friday afternoon. The weather was fine that day which sunny and cloudless sky. So I decided to go to the riverside, Manawatu River that night, planning to shoot Milky Way and if possible, a star trails picture.

At first, suddenly there were many clouds and moonlit that shrouded the sky, but didn't give up so I waited around an hour there. It was so dark on the other side of the river, but in my side it's quite bright from the houses and cars.

When the clouds disappeared and moon setting down, I started to take pictures. I put my tripod close to the water and made some try and error shots just to get the right setting for the pictures.

To shoot Milky Way, since I didn't have the rail system to shoot the still stars (as they and earth are moving) I shoot using the faster shutter speed possible. This meant that I had to boost the ISO up and use the widest aperture available. In a simple words, Shooting star trails need you to use the Milky Way settings in the opposite (I did shooting star trails as well, and to shoot it I need to use the lowest aperture available, low ISO and longer exposure).

It was worth standing there for hours when I managed to get several nice shots like these below:

Vertorama from two pictures, stitched in a single image.

Before packing up to go back, I made this shot which was incomplete due to the battery flat.

Stars gazing at Manawatu River.
A dangerous attempt from me to take this shot. I put my camera on tripod at the bottom close to the water and set it on timer. So I only got 10 second to run up there. Luckily I didn't injured and worth it to take this wonderful picture. This picture was listed as one of Flickr's daily best pictures for yesterday (currently ranked #36 out of 500).

Alright guys, thanks for visiting. Cheers.