Saturday, October 8, 2011

Going Home Function 2011

Yesterday, International Students Support (ISS) Massey University held an event called "Going Home Function" at The Centre, Massey University campus.

The purpose of this event was to celebrate those who are going to complete their studies this year before going home for good.

They had opportunity to wear the graduation robes and received token of appreciation. Few of my friends were involved as they are in the final year and will graduate next year. I was asked to take their pictures.

Hafezz with the dignitaries of Massey University

Ahmad Yasir Mustafa Bakri
Ahmad Yasir Mustafa Bakri. Will graduate with Bachelor of Science.

Mohd Hafezzudeen Che Hassan
Mohd Hafezzudeen Che Hassan. Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering.

Ayu Shahiza Shahidan
Ayu Shahiza Shahidan. Bachelor of Environmental Technology and Sustaining Energy Engineering

Ayu with friends.

Congratulations to them and I pray that you're completing the course smoothly.

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