Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PM 4th Exhibition & KLPF 11'

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last weekend, there were two big photography events held in Kuala Lumpur, which are PhotoMalaysia 4th Annual Exhibition at Nikon Centre, Times Square and also KL Photography Festival 2011 at Mid Valley Megamall.

As I mentioned before, I have submitted few of my pictures, hoping that they will be selected to be displayed. The purpose was that I can introduce my artworks to the people much better and as a recognition of my skills.

The results of shortlisted photographers selected for PM 4th Exhibition was announced few days earlier in NikonClub website. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the list, which made me disappointed lil' bit. But I understand that it's not easy for me to be listed as I was competing with the very best photographers in Malaysia like Ted Adnan, Troy Lim, Soulfly etc.

But there's good news. Two of my pictures were selected to be displayed in KL Photography Festival 2011 (KLPF). This had put me on par with other known photographers such as An-Namir (known for his works at Darul Quran), Nazaruddin Wijee (known landscape photographer) and few more.

These are pictures that were selected :

Church Tower
Taken during trip to Dunedin.

Worm the Mr. Jamie Oliver.
Picture of my housemate preparing grilled lamb. He's famous last weekend I reckon.

Red arrow shown my picture on display.

Another one that was printed on the brochure with my name on it.

Was congratulated by fotokrapika @ Ahmad Jaa. He's known for his abstract/minimalist artworks and was also selected for PM 4th Annual Exhibition at Times Square.

That's all for now. Exams are few weeks ahead so I guess I have to focus on my revision from now on.

Cheers for reading.

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