Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The World In Mono

Manawatu River in monotone
Manawatu River. Great place to walk every evening and weekend. But beware with the dogs.

Soccer Field in BW
SK Selama's soccer field. Was my playground 11 years ago.

Masjid Jamek in Black and White.
Masjid Jamek. A must-go destination when I come over to KL.

Tango Dance.
Tango. Sabor-a-Mi.

Worm the Mr. Jamie Oliver.
Jamie Oliver in the making?

The Land of Down Under in B&W.
The Land of Down Under. Moo Moo :P

Lebuh Campbell BW
Lebuh Campbell, Penang. Mecca for photographers.

Between modern and old
Between modern and old modes of transportation.

My cousin :)
My little cousin.

Mak Abah in BW
My parents.

My grandma.

Youngster on the oldies..
On the "seasoned" bus. He's not pissing off the seat :D


Masjid Kelang by Ahmad Nabil
Masjid Kelang by Ahmad Nabil . I just made the editing only.

Masjid Jamek.
Masjid Jamek.

Manawatu Riverside in Infrared 850nm
Manawatu River in Infrared.

Aluminium Smelting
Steelfort Engineering. Aluminium smelting.

Self-Portrait Part 3