Monday, April 25, 2011

Lift-Off Levin 2011

Last Saturday, I went to Levin (half-an hour drive from Palmy) to see the hot air balloons festival called Lift-Off Levin. This was held annually during the Easter Weekend (in details, Good Friday and Easter Saturday).

At first, I wasn't really thinking to go since nobody were going that morning. So, I went cycling to uni and made some shooting, especially around Bledisloe Park.

Turitea Stream, Bledisloe Park
Turitea Stream, Bledisloe Park.

On the way to Islamic Centre, I got a text from Bidi that they want to pick me up to Levin. I replied that I'm in Massey so instead of that they come and pick me and Lutfi up at the campus.

Upon the arrival, we saw no balloons on air. I thought that it's already finished. But actually not yet. The finale will be starting around 6pm they said. Plus, some of the balloons were actually located across the field, waiting to take off to the main venue.

Taking off...

Just above my head..

Preparing for landing. Maneuvering a balloon is not that easy as with plane.

If you see those pictures, it was cloudy all the time. But there was a moment where suddenly sun coming out from the clouds, showing itself. It was the beautiful moment that day where everybody, hundreds of people suddenly became quiet and watch over the sunset at the horizon. I was grateful to see this moment and captured it with my camera.

Sunset during the Lift Off Levin's event.
Picture of the Month.

It's beginning to dark. But the event is still running high like a funfair where there are games and foods stalls everywhere, plus a small concert. Many peoples are coming from all the places nearby such as Wellington and Palmerston North. The finale of the event was the music performance by all of the balloons, where they synchronising the music with the lights coming from the balloons (in fact, gas being burned).






The event ended around 7pm. We headed back to Palmy then. Thanks to Hafezz, Bidi, and others for inviting me to go with you guys.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MUPSA Super Six Cricket Tournament 2011

Last saturday I had a chance to come to this cricket tournament, organised by Massey University Pakistani Students Association. This is the 3rd time it was being held. It started from 10am and finished around 5pm. Unlike the previous years where it's being held in October, this time it's much earlier. Finally for the first time, the Achayans team won the tournament. Better luck next time, Pakistan All-Stars. Trophies and awards were given to the winners by MP of Palmerston North, Mr Ian Lees Galloway who're willing to come that evening.

In this event, I'm using my Nikon D700 with a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8. All shoots were wide open. Here are some of the pictures that I managed to capture with:













That's all for now. Easter Break is coming. Wait for my new landscape pictures :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Manawatu River

If the legendary photographer, Ansel Adams is known for his works at Yosemite National Park, hopefully one day I will be known for my works at Manawatu River, Insya Allah.

I don't have much time to update for new entry ; Maybe this coming autumn break. So, I just share with you some of my pictures of Manawatu River.

At least once a week in the evening, I will come by the riverside to take few pictures. Although this river is not so beautiful compared to unpolluted streams across the country, but if it's on the right time and places, the scenery will be so great :)

Manawatu River in B&W Part 2

Manawatu River (Part 4)

Manawatu River (Part 4a)

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 3)

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 2) by Nadly Aizat

Manawatu River at dusk

Sunset alongside Manawatu River.

Manawatu River during Sunset

Manawatu River during sunset

Fitzherbert Bridge from the side

Ok, now let's back to the assignment.