Friday, April 1, 2011

Manawatu River

If the legendary photographer, Ansel Adams is known for his works at Yosemite National Park, hopefully one day I will be known for my works at Manawatu River, Insya Allah.

I don't have much time to update for new entry ; Maybe this coming autumn break. So, I just share with you some of my pictures of Manawatu River.

At least once a week in the evening, I will come by the riverside to take few pictures. Although this river is not so beautiful compared to unpolluted streams across the country, but if it's on the right time and places, the scenery will be so great :)

Manawatu River in B&W Part 2

Manawatu River (Part 4)

Manawatu River (Part 4a)

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 3)

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 2) by Nadly Aizat

Manawatu River at dusk

Sunset alongside Manawatu River.

Manawatu River during Sunset

Manawatu River during sunset

Fitzherbert Bridge from the side

Ok, now let's back to the assignment.

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