Friday, March 25, 2011

ASiS : Farewell Tuan Haji & SPM 2010 Results

Finally, after almost 9 years leading ASiS, perfecting an initial, "second hand" school (after legendary school Alam Shah (SAS) moved to Putrajaya) into a high performance school (SBT), it's time for him to retire from this profession. The person I'm talking about is ASiS first principal, Tuan Haji Mohd Idrus Bin Abdul Hamid.

So, there was a ceremony being held last Tuesday at ASiS to celebrate his retirement. If I was in Malaysia that day, surely I want to come. But unfortunately, I'm thousand miles away from there. But thank God, everything went very well, although it's slightly raining that morning. And eventhough I wasn't there, few of my friends made it to come.

As for our batch (OASiS0405) , we had already planned couple days earlier to give a farewell present to Tuan Haji. And lastly, we have decided to give a framed picture to him.

And I feel honored when they decided to buy a canvas print of one of my pictures (I mean, landscape pictures that I snap over years). So in general, it was a gift from our batch to Tuan Haji as a token of appreciation of his hard works throughout the time. But also personally, it was a gift from me as well. And I hope that he gonna like it.

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 2) by Nadly Aizat
This is the chosen picture.

After printing and framing, here it is.

2nd generation of ASiS, will never forget you, Sir.

Thanks a lot to Izzat Rahman, the most committed person.

One thing that attracts my attention (and other as well) is that Tn Haji wore our batch's tie during his final day.

Till our next meeting, Sir.

I want to thank all of my batch mates who're involved and contributed whether directly or indirectly in ensuring our plan for Tn Haji's retirement being successful. Special thanks to Akmal Mehat (KP ASiS 05') for gathering our mates back, Izzat Rahman for your time and commitment, and also to the sponsor (he preferred not to be named).

SPM Results 2010

Well, until this entry was written, I don't have any confirmed details about the result. But roughly, the numbers had increased (might be good, and might not be good). ASiS maintained its position as the best school in Kuala Lumpur. Six students got straight A+, while over hundred students got all As. Subject History made a record as the best among the schools in Malaysia, but after all of this, it's still not enough for ASiS to maintain its position among the best five SBPs. SASER still leading, followed by SBPI Gombak and few others "common schools in top five", except a new comer, SEPINTAR. And ASiS was placed 6th. Not bad.

Congratulations to them (proudly called "Patriots"). It just a beginning anyway. Prove yourself to do better when you become a college / varsity students soon.

P/s : Thanks Izzat for the pictures.

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