Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Entry Rewind- ASiS; Syahbandar

I went through the older and oldest entries in this blog, and I found this ENTRY. It's about my visit to ASiS before I left for New Zealand, years ago.

I don't know why, but I feel funny reading it. Maybe it's because of its highbrow Malay that I used for a simple, casual topic like that.

I realised that, although it's not really significant but my ability and knowledge in Malay writing and speaking seemed fading from time to time. Maybe because, I don't speak Malay much when I'm abroad.

Well, let's keep it short here. I dedicated this entry to my homeroom's mates, Syahbandarian and also my 2B5's mates (I don't have any idea where are all of you right now).


You can go to that entry by simply clicking HERE.


saye kerink said...

eh ni dorm ke? wahh dah tak main double decker dah ye? besar jugak kan.. bestnye!

Nadly said...

yep ni dorm. huhu. aah, boleh siap berlari2 lagi dlm dorm ni :)