Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lagu ASiS

Actually, in this post I want to write about my last trip to Zoo Taiping, but since I'm using broadband (not really easy to upload even a small-sized picture), so instead I'm going to hold that one up first. Maybe around next week.

So, it's about my former school's (Alam Shah Science School) song. I just realised, that it doesn't have any title (maybe after six years I left ASiS, it's already had one but I don't know it yet) like ASiS's brother Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SSAS) with their "Alam Shah Jaya".

OASiS Logo Final

From what I've been told by my senior (1st batch) last six years ago, this song was composed by SSAS students (teachers??) few months before the first batch came in on May 2003.

We sing this song every morning (Monday to Friday) before the assembly begin (now, students do sing Lagu Wilayah first before lagu sekolah). Here's the lyrics:

Marilah pelajar kita semua,
Menuntut Ilmu amalan mulia,
Samalah kita usaha sampai berjaya,
Itulah harapan semua,

Kamilah penuntut yang setia,
Rajin usaha asas kita semua,
Bersatu kita teguh usaha bersama,
Majulah, Sains Alam Shah,

Dengarlah, dan ingatlah,
Pesanan semua,
Harapan, ayah bonda,
Semoga berjaya,

Kamilah, penuntut yang setia,
Rajin usaha asas kita semua,
Bersatu kita teguh usaha bersama,
Menuju cita semua,

After six years I left ASiS, I still can remember on how to sing this song properly, but still most of my friends couldn't.

From there, I got an idea. Make a simple youtube video on it that can be shared with all OASiSian (old boys of ASiS). But, it's not an easy job.


I went to school many times since 2006 and every time I went there, I asked Cikgu Shafrin or Cikgu Razmi to get a copy of this song in form of mp3. They replied that, they will try to get it, but somehow they forgot. Busy maybe.

And finally, last August after made contact with Teacher Azura, Mr Azwan and Mr Adura, I got it in forms of WMA file. I'm quite noob in making a video. So, I used window movie maker, plus simple background with ASiS's symbol and lyrics. Finally, this is the result:

Shared on my facebook, it's quickly got a worldwide attention (since most OASiSian went studying abroad, from Canada to Indonesia to Australia to USA to UK to Egypt).

So, to all my fellow OASiSian mates,

Be what you want to be. Go and live your life. But please, remember where do we come from.


asatoshi said...

just hearing this makes me wanna cry. i mean,even though i just left asis for a year but just by hearing this all the memories seems to get back to me. and the feeling was just so unbearable. i'm gonna leak. huu...

great job btw,keep on with the good work.

thnx bro nadli. :')

saye kerink said...

Salam. Aha! TQ for making this entry. dengan lagu theme tuh serba sikit buat rasa seperti sebahagian dari ASiS. hahaha. perasan! ;]

Nadly said...

Thanks, both of you :D