Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Taiping Lake Garden to Masjid Jamek KL

My parents were going to Bandung, Indonesia so I'm left alone at home. I spent days like a routine, (bangkit tido, makan, solat, internet, tido). Plus, my new home at Taiping is quite far from any photog. opportunities.

View from my room's window.

So, I've decided to come to KL (or in exact, Putrajaya at my bro and sis's houses), spend few days here and planning to go back to Taiping on Monday.

On Friday morning, I hitched a car from my house and went to the Taiping Bus Station. I managed to get a bus ticket to KL at 11 pm but it's from Kamunting Bus Station, which I had to take another bus (Red Omnibus no.8) to go there. For the time being, I spent few hours at the lake garden nearby, taking few pics.

Taiping Lake Garden


Luckily, bus no 8 was there when I came back from lake garden. It took around 15 minutes for the bus to arrive at Kamunting.

Taiping Bus Station

A little boy on the bus that I managed to snap his pic

Kamunting Bus Station. Only for express coaches.

The journey to KL took around 3 hours. Since Puduraya is under renovation, my bus stopped at Stadium Bukit Jalil. I take an LRT from there to Masjid Jamek. It's because I want to pray there (jamak) and take few pics around before going to Putrajaya.

Masjid Jamek


Feel hungry, I walked to the nearest Jalan Masjid India to get something edible. I found A mamak restaurant, at the alley in between of Jalan Masjid India and Jalan TAR. It's foods really superb! Maybe I was hungry.

"Pasar Malam" or night market is being held here on the weekends.

When I'm walking around, I saw the Jalur Gemilang from Dataran Merdeka here. Quickly I take few snaps, mostly overexposed and only shows the building. I changed my camera's metering system to center-weighted, and this is what I got.

It's almost 6pm, so I take the LRT to the Sentral KL and then ERL to Putrajaya, another NadiPutra shuttle and finally, my 2nd home.


saye kerink said...

Salam. uwww datang KL kembali dah. haha. Balik taiping balik bila? Esok ke? Eh eh cantik sangat gambo2 ni.

Um anyway, haha, my ms.pinky tuh broken dah. hahaha. klaka betol. nothing happen, tak jatuhkan pun. tapi button nak capture tuh problem. hahaha.

jadi dengan itu, camera itu akan kekal menjadi collection, sekadar hiasan. hehe. ;]

Nadly said...

Hey Faris,

Dah balik pun Ahad lepas.Huhu.

Owh xpe2. Xde rezeki kot. Or just simply a sign for you to look for new camera? A DSLR perhaps? Haha.

Thanks. I take that as a compliment :)

muhd ainnudean said...

btw,i'm asisians too.
btw bro nadly,
your photo was great!
edit on ps or just use the filter?
plus,the reflection on the lake taiping was superb :)
wanna know,what lenses make that great picture :)

Nadly said...

ainnudean~ salam. How's SPM going? Hope you did it well :D

Thanks for the compliment. I made just simple editing on the pics, using adjustment layer. I don't know much about editing, honestly.

The "Wow" factor in my pictures is that the composition and lighting should go well :) You should know what time, which angle and the best setting in your camera to snap the best pics.

Try to find some books on basic photography as well. :D

I'm using Sigma DG 24-70mm f/2.8 for these pics :)