Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The D-Day ; ASiS

Today is 26th January 2010. So, it's officially six years already since the first day I stepped on the very ground of SM Sains Alam Shah,Kuala Lumpur.

The Lost Treasure - 2

It stated that I had been selected to continue my education in SM Sains Alam Shah (ASiS) in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Weekend@ASiS 101w

The all-male boarding school takes in about 200 students each year based on their PMR results.The students live on the school premises and leave only after completing their SPM two years later.I couldn’t decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

While there were some among my relatives and friends who thought boarding schools were good, there were others who questioned the type of activities the students could get up to in these schools.However, after giving it much thought, I decided that I should not miss the chance to study and live with 500 other schoolmates from different social, and cultural backgrounds.

Weekend@ASiS 231w

Weekend@ASiS 047_5_6_tonemappedw

It wasn’t “hell” as some people had led me to believe, but it certainly was no bed of roses either.If PlayStation, handphones, television “on-demand” and air-conditioned rooms have always been a “staple” in your life, then boarding school would surely be a culture shock of sorts.

Weekend@ASiS 207_8_9_tonemappedw

I decided after some initial misgivings that it was indeed a challenge to be one of the few “odd” ones in this school.Our daily lessons at school was something we looked forward to, and though our teachers were strict and expected us to keep up with the school’s high academic standards and discipline, they were also kind and compassionate.Many of them doubled up as night wardens at the hostel and ended up being our confidants too.

Weekend@ASiS 249w

Weekend@ASiS 114w

There were times when I was adamant about certain matters that I thought were unreasonable , but I learnt how to soften my stance. It is with this same attitude that I looked at other issues, which to me might have been insensitive, but which to the majority, was acceptable.

I have been asked about how I survived especially where food was concerned.Burgers, fast food and meat dishes were my favourites before, but I don’t crave for them anymore. I can have a meal with just carrots, cabbage and more vegetables.

Dewan Makanw

The super features of orthopaedic beds do not faze me, nor am I impressed with water beds and reclining massage chairs.

My two years at the school has toughened me up to appreciate sleeping even in the noisiest of beds or on hard floors.I can only say that my stint at the school was good, it made me more conscious of my surroundings, more considerate of others and their sensitivities, and exposed me to how people with different cultural and social backgrounds behaved and led their lives.

Weekend@ASiS 218w

These are the reasons why I cannot thank ASiS enough for it has indeed given me the confidence and maturity that has made me a better person.



1.Few years after I left ASiS, this school remains one of the best schools in Malaysia.Alhamdulillah.Lotsa change being made from year to year in terms of its facilities and programme to enhance the students and staff's skills.You guys might interested to read my previous entry, HERE.

2.Few weeks after this entry was written, the 8th generation of ASiSian will register themselves as the form 4 students on 2nd February 2010.Few of em' were personally asked me on Facebook about ASiS.Hope this entry in my blog helps you guys answering your questions.

3.This entry was fashioned after the article with the title "Positive Influence" by Yugenderan Balamohan (ReformasiV)

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