Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Square's Escapade

Last week I came to KL in searching for a new camera bag. And I have to meet with Hafezz too,to get back my cd-compartment he borrowed last time.As usual, I did bring my camera and flashgun for a little practice around the place.

After wandering around LowYat, finally I found that bag in the same camera shop that I bought my flashgun last time.It costs me around RMxxx, paid using my credit card.
TS 016

Hafezz seemed lil bit late, so I went to Borders @ Time Square and then to the basement level opposite the KFC, where both of us supposed to meet.There I started shooting few pictures while waiting for Hafezz.
TS 008
TS 002
TS 010
TS 004

Finally, Hafezz came altogether with his youngest sister, Fairuz.He gave me that cd-compartment and as I promised, I did "belanja" him and his sis KFC's Variety Bucket that costs me RMxx.No big deal :P

TS 013
Hafezz and his adik

TS 015
I don't know why they don't eat much.So I have to finish the rest which make me skip my dinner at home because I'm so fully loaded.

I went back to Kuala Selangor after Solat Zuhur in Time Square's surau where I met Shafiq Ibrahim (Syafiq Metro) who was there to find some computer's thingy.