Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cuti dah nak abes da...

It's just about 3 weeks from now that I'm going back to New Zealand, to resume my 2nd year there.Sedih gak nak tinggalkan umah dan "tangata whenua" yang tercinta ni, tapi nak wat cmner, study must come first.Lagipun , this year is quite important since it will be the beginning for honour's grading.So, kne stadi leklok [Xleh wat cm taun lpas, subjek Intro for Food and Bioprocess Eng, boleh kate xpenah pun bkak buku until the final exam, but lastly passed gak dgn B+].
As usual, there are few things need to be settled/already settled before I'm leaving soon.

1.Online Enrolment

I have done this one.Just need confirmation that I already enrolled for subjects this semester.FYI,this sem I'll do :

i.Engineering Principles
ii.Industrial Microbiology
iii.Industrial Materials Technology
iv.Technological Mathematics A

Sounds pretty tough rite?But let's do this.


I have applied as a returning student to Massey Halls last year and was informed that I succeed in my application last November.And last week, I got the confirmation email from RSO, telling me that I got Kairanga Court's room E3-6.Alhamdulillah.But this year will be much different since most of my friends didn't get placement in Halls so they have to stay off-campus.
Kairanga Court
Kairanga Court,Massey University


FYI, last November I left Auckland via direct flight to KLIA (Thanks to MAS).But this time, I will transit through Melbourne,Australia first before going to Auckland.For that, I made an application for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority).ETA functions as an electronic visa to enter Ausie anytime for 1 year from the date of application, provided that the duration of every stay in Ausie shouldn't be longer than 3 months.It costs me around $20 online.
Journey Back
Flight itinerary

My flight from Malaysia is on 16th February.I will stay in Melbourne for three days with my friends there who are staying there for summer school.And I supposed to leave Australia on Friday evening (19th Feb), but due to the flight re-schedule, I have to leave earlier that morning which make me "stranded" for more than 12 hours in Auckland.So for that,I planned to go to the city, spend all day there and coming back to airport before my next flight to Palmerston North (6.00 am Saturday 20th Feb).
Flight from Auckland to Palmerston North.Kecik je kan?

That's all for now (Unless I forgot to write it down here).What's next?More so.

P/S: - Just got monthly allowance from MARA yesterday.Alhamdulillah,now I can pay accommodation for the whole year (^^).

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