Sunday, February 21, 2010

Balik NZ-Part 2

Well,let makes this as simple as possible.I went back to Auckland on 19th Feb (Friday).

Flight dari Melbourne ke Auckland time aku book taun lepas spatutnye on 6.45pm tapi i dunno why,tetibe lak re-schedule kpada jam 9.55am.So btolak dari umah Akim around 8am n smpai dlm kul 8.30pagi cmtuh.Alhamdulillah,check in process xde masalah pun.

Balik NZ 034

Boarding time dalam kul 9.40pagi cmtuh so terus I went through the custom nye inspection etc before masuk dalam plane.

Balik NZ 037

Pjalanan amek masa lebih kurang dlm 3 jam before landing kat Auckland.Immigration process,alhamdulillah done without any problem.I was assisted by a Muslim officer which he told me that he was a student before in my university.Then,I went to the I-Site to store my luggage,which costs me $15.I did texting my friend in Auckland,Shafiq Asyraf to fetch me in front of his hostel (Mount Street).But it seemed that the aerobus which took me to Auckland CBD was a lil bit late,which I acknowledged then was due to the traffic jam to the city.The driver then used the short cut which later on worked.Arrived at Mount Street around 5.30pm.

Balik NZ 043
Auckland Airport bus stop.

Shafiq now tinggal kat Mount Terrace,sebelah dgn umah dye yg lame kat Quest.So I did rest there for a few hours before btolak balik ke airport dalam kul 4.30pagi dgn aerobus.

Mount Terrace
Bilik Shafiq kat Mount Terrace.

Balik NZ 048
Sempat lagi amek gmba Sky Tower while walking to the bus stop.

Arrived in the airport around 5am,I went to the I-Site to claim back my luggage which I stored there when I just arrived.Im waiting there in the lookout point till the Fajr prayer.At the lookout point,there lotsa people yg tido kat situ smntara nunggu flight.

Balik NZ 050
Royal Brunei yg baru nk blepas.Snapped this from the lookout point.

Selesai solat,I walked from the international terminal to domestic one.Checked in my luggage around 6.15am without any problem.Then,while waiting for the flight at 7am,I met with Zin Zee,my lab-partner last year.She just arrived from Malaysia with Royal Brunei and supposed to board the flight on 9.30am but she did changed it to the earliest one,which the one that I took that morning.As most of my friends,she's also went flatting this year.

Balik NZ 047
Zin Zee.

6.45am, the boarding time.It took around 1hour of journey before arriving in Palmerston North.It's cold that morning in Palmy with temperature around 8degree celcius.

Bombardier Palmy
Flight to Palmy

Balik NZ 052
View from my seat

Epot Palmy
Finally,smpai gak kt Epot Palmy.Alhamdulillah,without any problem.

Thanks to Lutfi,Worm and Hafezz for picking me up.Since RSO is open on 11am, I decided to follow them to the garage sales around Palmy.I got nothing to buy since Im living on campus as these things are provided.They need to find something for their house like mirror,duvet,pillow etc.

After finished with that,they brought me to the RSO to claim my key.I was allocated a room at E3-6,which means on the 3rd floor.

Balik NZ 064
Bilik 2

Classes commence this Monday so,it's gonna be a hectic weekend which I hope I can go through without any much problem Insya Allah.

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