Wednesday, September 14, 2011


To my pops … Know that I’ll be there for you
Cuz you made me the man that I am and that’s true
Perhaps u might be forgotten or under estimated
But your presence in our life is the most anticipated
I know the Mothers get all the credit and the attention
And your name sometime is not even mentioned
So I’m sending out this Appreciation
To the fathers all around and across the nation
You work so hard to put the food on the table
Taking extra late night shifts to keep us stable
U taught me how 2 b a gentleman and live life
How 2 survive the struggle, the stress n the strife
How 2 take a decision
How 2 chose wisely
How 2 be responsible
How 2 make a family
U took me from a boy 2 a man
So I thank u my father
Cuz I know the ups n downs didn’t bother

When I need an advice … You’re the one I’m seeking for
My inspiration in this life … Keep us safe and secure
No one can understand what you go through sometimes
But you still standing tall so we can have a peace of mind
When times r rough, u never let us know
When things r tough, you still go with the flow
Cuz you are the strength that holds us together
Sacrificing what you have no matter how’s the weather

So I thank you for my life and all the things that you did
And all the sweat and all the tears and all the blood that you shed
And all the time that you raised me to be a better man
So when they say like father like son I understand 

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