Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Syawal Snippets

  • Eventhough it was only potluck that being planned for Eid, most of the postgrads cant resist the temptation to held an open house. 2nd day of Syawal last week was full with open houses. I went to almost 7 houses that day :P
Raya 2010 2-2
First house, Umah Abg Din kul 9 pagi.

Raya 2010 2-3
Owg kita kt Palmerston North.

  • I put the above pic on facebook where Tengku Ahmad Tajudin, one of the national hockey player(they came to Palmy last year for friendly match with NZ Black Sticks), give a comment, said that "meriah sungguh raya kt palmy. macam kt Mlysia plak". He's true about that :D
Raya 2010 2-55
Open house umah Abg MatTau. Dh malam dh ni.

Raya 2010 2-84
The last open house, umah Abg Izad.Kul 11 malam ni.

Raya 2010 2-87
Sempat tengok All Blacks vs Wallabies. All Blacks won 23-22.

  • Last Saturday 18th February, there was a Sakura Festival held at International Pacific College (IPC) just next to Massey University.
  • It was a storm and raining heavily that time so most of the activities and events were held indoor.
  • Because of that, not many pics I snap this time compared to last year (refer my flickr to see last year's pics).
Yasir ask this girls to take pic with him :P

Japanese Drums' Show


Taekwando show

Kendo Performance

Kung-Fu performance

Yosakoi Dance

Footage of the dance

Some random pic I took. Many Wellingtonians came during this event.

Sakura Fest 10' 003
There goes my new lens!

  • MUMSA Hari Raya Open House
This happened yesterday. This is the first time we using The Centre for open house. It was my first task as new MUMSA Multimedia Officer. Alhamdulillah, everything going on smoothly eventhough we were running out of time.

My baju raya theme for this year "Bedouin"

Team bakar sate.

So many that came this year :D

Kids made this event even merrier.

VIP, Dr Rosli (MSD Director) and wife

M.C. Ajmal and Piqa :)

Speech from new President of MUMSA, Lutfi (my housemate) :D

Aunty Ruzaini (Deputy MSD Director) also came :)

It's potluck so many foods on the table!

Live performance by team Miles :D

John with his magic :) Very impressive.

Group photo session. Dr Rosli with Palmy Postgrads :D

With my friends, Lutfi and Afnan.

  • That's the end of the event. I would like to extent Lutfi's thanks to everyone who were directly or indirectly involved with MUMSA Open House yesterday. And congratulations to the newly appointed MUMSA Committee members. I'm looking forward to work with you guys.

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