Friday, September 3, 2010

Esplanade Escapade

Last week, me and my housemates (Lutfi and Ajmal) went out to Esplanade. It was just to chill out that weekend's evening and have a try on our cameras as well (all of us are Nikonians :D). Spring has just started in New Zealand so my target was to snap flowers' pics mostly. We went out by walking since Esplanade is not really far from our flat.

Lutfi and Ajmal

Lutfi also shoot flowers :)

But, we spent only few hours there since it's gonna raining. I managed to snap few pics that time, using my new Tamron lens.

Sunflower (maybe)

I came second time on Monday, where I brought my other new lens (please refer the previous entry in this blog). And thank God, the weather that time was very nice. I managed to snap not only flowers, but also few animals like rabbits and birds.

It took me quite a while to shoot this picture since they're moving quite fast

Maybe I should ask Sir Allen about this bird perhaps.

My tamron lens also capable to shoot in macro :D

macro 5
Sunflower again?

macro 6
Alone in the wilderness

On the way back from Esplanade to my house, there is one man asked me about the camera i'm using and also my lens. He then introduced himself as the acting president of Manawatu Camera Club, Udo von Mulert (his photopages : and he invited me to join his club (, which until now I didn't decide anything yet. Udo actually waiting by the roadside for his tenant who are renting one of his house when he saw me with my camera.What a coincidence indeed.

P/s: Next weekends I believe there are lot of photoshooting session here in Palmy. Next week is Eid-ul-Fitri, and next two weeks from now, there is Sakura Festival in IPC. Can't wait to be there (^^).

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