Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Financial Report August 2010

In order to be transparent and to manage my financial systematically, I will publish my financial report starting from this time.

Here's the figure of last month (August) of my financial report.

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This time I will only publish the expenses details and I will include my income details starting from the September one.

  • Travel : The highest expense for August. I bought my return ticket back to Malaysia and also slight error which make it extra costly for me (Though I still got my refund later on)
  • Shopping : This including my weekly expenses on groceries etc where I bought things for three people (my flatmates) where I got back my shares from them every month. I bought a new LCD TV on Dick n Smith's promo last month too and few stuff from Warehouse.
  • Trademe : Online trade and store. I purchase my Tamron lens here this month and also one lens pouch and one lens rear cap.
  • Rumah 10 : Rent, electricity and gas.Car fuel too. Also groceries that my other flatmates bought for three. Paid every month.
  • Visa bill : Bill that I paid when using my credit card. Starting from this month , I'm using Visa Debit and thinking to terminate my credit card.
  • Makan luar : Sometimes I went out to Kabbaba, Turkish Delight or Kebab on Broadway for lunch and dinner. Kebab or Iskender are the usual choice.
  • Infaq : We (Usrah group) agreed to give 3% of our allowance every month into the account called "Tabung Infak UPalmy" to ensure that we can do activities everytime. Also to pay for any donation or fundraisings.
  • ATM Withdraw : Cash on hand. I used it last time to buy biryani and kebab for Pakistani flood fundraising and also few stuff.
  • Nibbles : Few cookie time and chips I reckon from MUSA Shop and RSO.
  • Fee : My National Bank account fee and this month I paid for my Visa Debit fee.


This is the month that I spent most of my money so far in two years time (from last year). But I'm still financially stable for the next few months. Looking forward to manage my money wisely and try to get some income from my hobby and past time.

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apies said...

ni mesti kes rmai sgt tanye pasl ko nyer financial...haha