Monday, March 1, 2010


It's been a week already for me in Palmy.So far so good, except Im feeling a lil bit different.Maybe most of my friends gone flatting in town,so Im the only one left in the Court.

About my study,as last year and semesters, I took four subjects which are Engineering Principles, Tech Maths A, Industrial Microbiology and Industry and Materials Technology.Most days,classes start from 9am to at most 3pm but on Thursday,it is non-stop lectures from 8am to 4pm.Luckily,it is summer right now so I didn't miss any of my solat.And finally,I got two labs every week.

Last Wednesday was a day for clubs registration.This time as usual I registered to be a member of Malaysian student association (MUMSA) plus another club, which is Massey University Pakistani Student Association (MUPSA).

Clubs Registration Day 071
Mr President,Iswandi

Clubs Registration Day 015
Mr Vice President,Lutfi

Clubs Registration Day 009
Other clubs' booths.

And last Saturday, MUMSA held an event called "Ice Breaker and Potluck 2010".The sole reason for this event was to introduce the new members to the old one.Few activities like Ice-Breaking, team building and games were held that morning at the rivershore behind Rotary Court.

MUMSA Potluck 027

MUMSA Potluck 063
Main tembak2

MUMSA Potluck 065

MUMSA Potluck 074
Members who're present.

There goes my weekend.And this morning, for the first time in my Massey's life, I bought a new book for Microbiology which costs me around $130.


Hope this will motivates me better to study,Insya Allah.


fairuzsallehuddin said...

Hopefully, dengan adanya buku milik sendiri kau akan ada feeling utk study Microb. Yela, buku pinjam kan tak de feeling nak study :P

Nadly said...

jangan jeles.

fairuzsallehuddin said...

Takde masa.