Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vet Tower

Vet Tower , originally uploaded by Nadly Aizat.

I took this picture yesterday.It's very near to the Islamic Centre I used to go for prayer.Vet Tower is the only building in Massey University that can be seen far from the Windfarm and Foxton Beach.Perhaps one of the tallest buildings in Manawatu Region.

The 'stagnant' water Vet Pond?Nothing special about it.It is a home for ducks around campus and one of Bio lab session I attended last semester used a sample from this pond for introductory of microorganism.Other than that,urhm.....Jonathan Au-Young in one of his facebook status said that he want to do swimming here after finished with the last paper.I bet he didn't :P

Oh,forgot to tell.This is also an HDR picture I made,thanks to Photomatix.

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FariesFarhan a.k.a Uncle said...

uish.nmpk mcm peace je tmpt ko ek.