Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moving Back

As I mentioned before, I am now living at Kuala Selangor since my father working here until his retirement.We are staying at the quarters located at the Bukit Melawati's foothill, known as Jalan Tanjung Keramat since last year.

Home sweet home.
My current house.

But,from next year (around September 2010), my family will be moving to Taiping, the town where I was grown up. So the new house is located at Taman Pengkalan Makmur II, Simpang,Taiping,Perak.It's construction was already completed last April and my parents used this house for a temporary home when they going back to "kampung" at Batu Kurau and Selama, just about 15 miles from there.

Rumah Taiping

I went there for the first time last week and stayed there for two nights before continue the journey to Langkawi.Although it is not a luxury-styled bungalow, but at least it is comfortable and not too much big since I don't like a huge house.And the best thing is that now I got my own room after had to share with my brother at the previous houses.

Well, it is also means that, this summer holidays I have right now is the last holidays I will have in Kuala Selangor and next year I will going back to Taiping.Kuala Selangor is a nice place,but Taiping also keeps a lot of my childhood memories there.

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