Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back to my Whenua

As usual,I'm not slept last night until Fajr prayer.Around 7.30 am,after finished the last spot check of my room (now my ex-room),I handed over the key at RSO and Afnan brought me to the Palmerston North Airport,accompanied also by Lutfi.I'm supposed to be there by 7.50 am since I got luggage to check-in,but we arrived lil bit late.Alhamdulillah,my luggage still can be checked in,and I arrived at the nick of time when the announcement made for the boarding.


Plane left Palmy for Auckland around 8.20 am and arrived one hour later at Auckland.As usual,I walk from the Domestic Terminal to the International Terminal eventhough there's inter-terminal bus service.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) counter then was opened at 10.30 am and without any further delay,I checked my luggage in and Alhamdulillah,it went very well without any obstruction.Same also with the custom clearance where I got no problem.

After that,I met with Mr Oliver, who's a New Zealand PR from Kuching,Sarawak.He's going back to Malaysia just for two weeks to visit his father who is sick.I spent most of my time before boarding with him,discussing a lot of topics,like from Malaysian politics to the assimilation of Kai Feng Jews in China.

Finally,the I went on-board at 1.45pm and I met brother Aminuddin Yahya who just arrived.MH130 departed at 2.30 pm,leaving Auckland for Kuala Lumpur.It took me about 10 hours where I spent it with sleeping and watching few movies.

MH130 finally arrived at KLIA at 8.00 pm.Alhamdulillah,after about 1 year being abroad,now I'm back at my home country again.What's next?Well,let's see.

Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.


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