Thursday, April 5, 2012


Salam semua,

Just want to share with you this picture I captured. The weather was good and I was walking around until I met this place where it's an open grass area beside the railway station and got few cows eating grass that time. I was attracted by the shape and asymmetrical attribution of the fences.

Initially, I want to use f/4 as if I shot it wide open, it will result in soft images but I had to reconsider that since I want to keep the composition as it is without getting more closer to isolate the fences from the background. 

So here it is. I made two versions ; one of it was edited with "film-like" tone, and another one is the black and white version.

Fences - Color Efex Pro 3



Norsafinah Mohd Tumiran said...

Salam, kamu pakai software ape ye untuk edit tone warna?

Nadly said...


Saya guna plugin Color Efex Pro 3 dalam Adobe Photoshop.

saye kerink said...

ahhh cantiknyaaa! MashaAllah,
btoh cantik!