Monday, January 24, 2011

Snippets | Facebook Group ASiS

New ASiS students will enrol this coming 7th February. Some of them even added me on facebook, asking about whether it is worth it to go to ASiS or not. I tried my best to explain to them, even forwarded my article on OASiS's blog, "10 Reasons Why You Should Go To ASiS".

But somehow, I'm not the only one who convince them. When I read ASiS facebook group's wall this morning, I saw few of our OASiSian fella replying to a post written by one of the new ASiSian this year. From the way they replied, I feel like...............................................haha I dunno what to say. But still so convincing, no?


Hahaha..Well, to the guy who posted this question earlier, I believe there are no other reasons why you shouldn't come to ASiS. I bid you welcome, and have fun for the next two years!!!