Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sepetang di Driving Range

Yesterday evening, I went to Taiping Golf and Country Club with my brother and my cousin. Actually my brother asked me to go with him and take few snapshot of him and his new golf set. If you want to know, there are two of my siblings who loves playing golf as their past-time hobby, my eldest brother and my youngest brother. My eldest brother even won few competitions held in his places. Huhu. And my youngest bro seems just started. He said that, he became interested in golf since he joined his uni (MMU Cyberjaya)'s golf club, a year ago.

We went there after Asar and playing around until dusk. It costs RM 12 for 100 balls.

Since it was raining yesterday, so it is cloudy and I had to adjust my camera settings lil bit. I pushed the ISO up to 6400 and using the widest aperture (f/2.8) and then, used the fastest shutter speed, 1/8000 second. I keep shooting on burst (5 frame per second). And lastly, I used center weighted metering. It was a mistake I done when I'm shooting JPEG that day :(

I'm actually afraid to stand in front of him since the ball might going directly to my lens.

Amin, my cousin tengah menebas lalang.

Ke mane nye tu yeob?



We should try bunker next time. Splendid shooting perhaps.

Well, me? I dont like playing golf. Huhu.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Penang. Perhaps can get few good pictures there.


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