Thursday, October 7, 2010

Portraiture Photography

Yesterday, Yasir asked me to join him on an outdoor photoshooting. It was being held at a ground behind Kairanga Court (where I was living there for the past 1.5 years). This time, the subject is one of our friends from IPC, Adlina @ Ed.

This is also my first time on shooting people as a subject (apart of the candid one). I'm used to take animals and flowers' images before. I brought together my 70-200 Tamron f/2.8 and a monopod that I bought last week (desperately need it since my lens is quite heavy (1.4kg) and it tends to shake, resulting a blurry images when full-zooming is used).

What I did during the photoshoot :

- Using "A" and "P" mode, depends on the situation
- Ensuring that the lowest ISO is used to prevent noise
- Shooting in RAW format.
- Rule of the Third (sometimes it is useless)
- Making sure that the pictures taken are not too vivid so that a fair, soft skin tone obtained.

What I did after the photoshoot :

- Editing stuff, using Adobe RAW Editor via Photoshop CS5. I did recovered some under or over exposed region of the images, adding or removing vignettes and noises as much as possible.
- Save the edited images in 16-bit TIFF format so that the details in the images preserved for the next editing stages.
- Used "Portraiture 2" plug-in via Photoshop CS5 for toning purposes.
-Using main Editor of CS5 for masking and layering before save it in JPEG format.

Here I posted some of the pictures I got during the photoshoot:

There are supposed, four people in this picture.

Self-made "Gothic" tone

Two point eight.

Shoot quite few pictures, but I think this is the best of all

Thanks Yasir for inviting me. Next week, I'm going to have Triple I final presentation on Monday, followed by Written Practical Test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hope I can release tension by taking pictures of the Pakistani Cricket Tournament next Wednesday (after lab).

Salim Bhatti
Will Saleem and his mates defend the tournament's cup they won last year? We'll see.

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