Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I already aware about this plug-in, last year when I read tutorial about HDR. Noiseware, according to the writer of the tutorial is very effective, especially when we need to reduce a significant amount of the noise / grainy effect in the picture, resulting from the lack amount of light and when you use high value of ISO when shooting.

But, I didnt take it seriously to use it, since it is quite complicated to understand about noise. You need to know basically two things in order to remove noise ; luminance and color.

Yesterday, after installing Portraiture 2 plug-in for my CS5, I did find for Noiseware and installed it too. I try snap random picture using the highest ISO available for my D90 ; 6400 and this is what I got, before and after editing and retouching with CS5 and Noiseware.

Before retouching with Noiseware

After retouching with Noiseware. Looking good aye?

Now, I feel confident to shoot with high ISO when needed since I have to worry no more with noise. You can get Noiseware and Portraiture HERE

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