Friday, April 2, 2010

Cuti Easter - Trip to South

Cuti Easter (Mid Sem break) baru je start arini, Hari Jumaat (Good Friday). As usual, lotsa things need to be done like Lab reports, quizzes and assignments. And the most important, I need to finish all of this before 2nd week of holidays since me and my friends will be going for a trip to South Island from 13rd to 18th April.

So, here's our plan for that trip:

-Naik bas from Palmy direct to Wellington Airport. Btolak pagi n smpai around afternoon.

Balik NZ 037

-From Wellington naik plane to Christchurch.Bmalam kt umah kawan kt sne.

-Gi ke Dunedin dgn kete sewa.Along the way to Dunedin we'll stop for rest n sight seeing. Hopefully to see dolphins close to the shore.Huhu.

-Going to Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand.

-From there, we going back north to Queenstown, the place that we can find Edoras and Minas Tirith.

-From Queenstown, there goes the final show of this trip, that is to Milford Sound. Plan to take lotsa good pics around here though.

We are going back to Christchurch on the 2nd last day and finally going back to Palmy with flight to Wellington.

Hope it's gonna be a safe and enjoyable journey for us Insya Allah.

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