Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Couple of weeks more

I just finished my first paper last afternoon,that is paper 123.102 (Chemistry and the Material World).My comment? Alhamdulillah, I can do it, eventhough it will be a slight chance to get A compared to my last semester (maybe due to the fact that I like Organic Chemistry much than Inorganic).I noticed a few flaws in the questions given such as there not enough info given on how to determine the packing density (or it's actually asking for packing efficiency) and everybody know that pure aluminium was not extracted from cryolite.

The next exam will be on next Saturday,which is Calculus 1 followed by Principle of Stats on Tuesday.I will emphasize my revision more on Stats than Calculus (think that everybody will do the same).The last paper is on Monday 9th November,which is open-book (and I don't know which book should I open as there are no reference book in this paper).

After that? I'm successfully finished my first year in Massey University.Few days before leaving for Malaysia will be used to packing up my stuff (still wondering with my friends on the storage during the summer).I'm also thinking for another walking journey.Maybe to walking beside Mangaone Stream (ended at Milson Line) or accomplish my cycling journey to Te Apiti Windfarm or tramping trip at Manawatu Gorge.Right now?It depends.

I'll be leaving New Zealand for Malaysia this 13th November.Departing from Palmy that morning at 8am and my flight will be at 2.00 pm from Auckland.First thing that come in my mind (about going back for holidays) is:


This is my most favourite "lauk", ikan keli masak cili.Last week, I asked my mom to cook this for dinner when I arrive soon.Haha, can't wait to be at home (eventhough I'm not feeling any "homesickness" along the year ,away from my hometown).And it is just couple of weeks more from now.

Ok,now let's study.(I'm listening to Nancy Ajram,Cyrine Abdelnour,Mohamed Hamaki and Hamada Helal).


fairuzsallehuddin said...

Aku pon suruh mak aku masak yang sama utk dinner aku first time sampai nnt. Yahoooo! Tak sabaqqq!

Nadly said...

really?ingat aku sowg je yg ske makan lauk ni.haha.

mujahidin said...

oit oit.. nak gak mkn keli.wa wa wa

feveret aku ikan selayang kukus goreng makan dgn budu+cabai.hahah

thn dpn tapau skit ikan keli bwk palmy.ngehngeh