Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunset and Sunrise


Just want to share with you guys some pictures of sunrise and sunset that I managed to capture around this week. Most of the were captured around Putrajaya.

Sunrise over Broga.
Sunrise at Broga. Although I was hiking up quite late, but fortunately I managed to be at the right time and right place.

Another picture from another view.

Ray of Light (ROL) at Putrajaya Lake
Perhaps the best sunset I captured so far. 

Sunrise over Putrajaya Lakeside
Took this sunrise at Pullman. I arrived quite late as I was walking around 7km from home.

Sunrise over Putrajaya Lakeside
The view of Pullman Hotel and Ministries Buildings.

Sunset Over Putrajaya Lake.
Sunset Over Putrajaya Lake. This was taken yesterday. Unlike other shots, I made this with an ND64 filter attached to my lens.

That's all for now. Looking forward to shoot around another places :)

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