Friday, August 19, 2011

Snowy Palmy 2011

In my place here, in Palmerston North (Palmy) we never had chance to get the snowfalls every winter. The last time snowfall being recorded was at 1934, that was around 80 years ago.

But things happened. Last weekend, there was winter blast, chilly wind making its way from Antartica to New Zealand. And it was predicted that most parts of the nation will be recovered with snow.

Weather Forecast from Metservice.

As someone that never had chance before to play with snow, I'm kinda excited. It was predicted that by Sunday night, it will be snowy around Palmy. I was eagerly waiting but still, none of the falls.

Monday morning - On the way to campus, I saw that most of the hills nearby were covered by snow. Since I finished early, I went back home early. It was sunny that day and seemed that it's not going to snow anytime. So after Zohor, I went asleep.

But things changed suddenly. I woke up around 4.30 pm, having Asar prayer and then opened my room's window. I was surprised to see what's happened outside. There's the snowfalls! I saw my bike and cars outside were covered with snow. Many of em' . Quickly I brought my camera and went outside to take pictures.

View of surrounding of my home during the snowfalls.

Muka baru bangun tido :D

Worm. Excited.

Again. Picture of me.

Neigbour. Excited as well :)

:) :)

Since it's almost the time for iftar, I went to the mosque nearby. I seen many people by the roadside, playing around with snow, snow fighting and make themselves snowman. Falls were ease as it's Maghrib / breaking fast time.

On the way back home, snow falls again. This time much heavier and denser. The things that killed the mood that night was the blackout. I guessed it was due to the heavy snowfalls and wind that night.

2nd Day - 16 August 2011

Weather was back to normal on the second day. But the snow were not melt easily. Instead, it's turned into ice or frost. And I noticed that not many turned up to the lectures in campus that day.

Home made snowman :)

While waiting for the bus...

Snow still covered most parts of the campus.

View of the campus.

Massey's main field. Still got plenty of em'

There was another snowfalls that night, but this time lasts shorter. Maybe just for few minutes.

I thought it's sign of farewell. From winter into spring. Seriously, I was grateful to God for giving me this chance to feel it, at this time. Hope it's gonna happen again next year (although it's almost impossible).