Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google Plus

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone,

- Finally, after few weeks waiting I got an invitation to join Google Plus.

- I just finished setting up things and adding some of friends for this new account.

- First time I went through this google+, I think it has some sort of combination of features introduced by previous known social websites like Friendster, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

- As for me, one of the features that will makes Google Plus being favoured when it's launched soon is the Circles. It's actually easier to manage circles than to manage groups in other site. And if you want to share anything, let say to the particular people (put them as A) and don't want others to know (give it B), you actually have the choice to do so.

- And for photos-enthusiasts like me, I will favour Google+ over Facebook in terms of the images quality when it is uploaded. Facebook will actually shrinking them down to the size that degrade the quality, while so far for google+, the images uploaded will be resized to the reasonable resolution (forgot the numbers :P)

- But, it's still under testing purposes so far. So, I'm expecting more to come from this new website.

- You can visit my page HERE. Those who have the account already can add me into your circles. And those who want invitation to join Google Plus, please let me know. I still have 150 invitations left for my friends :)

P/S : I'm still shooting pictures from time to time :)

Startrails at Home's Backyard.
My first attempt to do startrails. Got many positive feedbacks from the viewers.

A foggy morning
Got this one this morning, after finishing my sahur. Seriously, I love monotone :)

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