Monday, May 30, 2011

Photography Competitions

Recently, I have participated in two major photography contests. One was Lift-Off Levin Photo Competition, and another was NZ Amateur Photographer of the Year. I have submitted the following pictures ;

Sunset during the Lift Off Levin's event.
Picture that I submitted for Lift Off Levin Competition

Manawatu River at Dusk (Part 2) by Nadly Aizat
The one for NZ Amateur Photographer of the Year.

The results for both came out last two weeks. Alhamdulillah, for Lift-Off Levin competition, I won the first place. The prizes are two flight tickets for the Lift Off Levin Festival next year, a certificate and also two prints of my winning picture courtesy of Kodak Express Levin. The total up of these worth NZD400.

Unfortunately, for NZ Amateur Photographer of the Year, I didn't win anything although my image was listed as one of the finalists. Well, I'll try again next time in the other competitions as well :)

Just arrived this morning.



saye kerink said...

Ahaaa balik rumah baru dapat view gambar anda secara full. SANGAT SUPER MENARIK & CANTIK okayyyyy!!! Memang layak menang 1st prize pun. OMG, moment tu memang patut di-capture. Sangat precious. Sangat bestkan feeling rasa dapat capture benda-benda macam ni. NYAMANNN

Nadly said...

thanks FF. huhu :P