Thursday, February 10, 2011

Towards the End..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and good day,

  • My three months summer holidays now finally come to the end. I will leaving for New Zealand on Friday next week.
  • Semester 1 2011 in Massey University commences on 28th February. It means, I will arrived a week earlier ; perfect timing to be prepared with everything necessary.
  • For your information, I'm moving to new house with new housemates. It is 8/107A Ferguson St. The place is quite far from the campus compared to my house last year, but it's closer to the nearest bus-stop. So, not a big problem either.
View of the house from outside

Inside. Messy huh? Baru pindah beb. Bese r.

Journey Back

  • This time, I will travelling alone, as usual. The flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne with AirAsia X (Now Everyone Can Fly). I'm leaving at afternoon, and will arriving midnight.
  • There will be 8 hours gap to the next connecting flight so, I need to find somewhere else in the airport to sleep.
  • The next flight will leave in the morning all the way to Auckland. And as last time, I choose Emirates (gonna love this :D) Supposed that the flight arrived in Auckland that Saturday's afternoon.
  • Well, here's the thrill. All the flight's ticket to Palmerston North are already sold out, so I decided to take coach from the airport back to Palmy.
  • The journey usually will takes around 10 hours. So, if I'm leaving at 8pm, the bus will arrived in Palmy around 6am in the Sunday morning.
  • And for sure, I'll spend the whole Sunday on my bed :D


I have tried lodging my ETA application for transiting in Melbourne from yesterday, but something wrong happened where I cannot access the online payment's page. I have sent an email to the department and they replied and said, if it still happened, then I have to go myself to the embassy in Kuala Lumpur A.S.A.P. Without this, I won't be allowed aboard to Australia.

So, I'm coming to KL this weekend and probably drop by the embassy on Friday (tomorrow) or the next Monday.

P/s : I'm going to ASiS this Saturday.

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