Friday, February 25, 2011

Flickr | Random Best Shots (09'-11')


I've been using flickr to store most of my pictures since mid 2009. And I've upgraded my account to PRO and after two years, it will expired this coming September. Since that, I've uploaded 2853 images and few video clips. Things that I like about flickr are the images didn't degrade much and (this is what I feel), it seemed like the contrast of the image has been increased lil bit after uploading process, make the pictures look much better.

Just now, I've been through the images from the latest upload until the earliest one. And since I don't have any idea so far to update this blog, I'm going to share with you guys on few of my best shots that I picked up randomly based on years. And hope you guys enjoy it :)


Taupo's Swift Trip 061
Mr Tariq Mahmood

Taupo's Swift Trip 131
Huka Falls, Taupo

Shakespeare Regional Park
Shakespeare Regional Park. Captured this on the way to the north.

The panoramic view of International Pacific College (IPC) lake. Captured during spring that year.

Randomise 099
Mr Faisal Rana playing cricket on weekly basis. Organised by MUPSA.

Sakura Fest-Kendo
Sakura Festival 2009.

Eid-ul-Fitri Prayer
Eid Prayer, Eid-ul-Fitri 2009.

Hockey-Malaysia vs New Zealand
Friendly match between Malaysia and New Zealand. Malaysia lost 3-0.

Rehlah Upalmy 2nd Sem 2009 018
Muslim can pray everywhere that is clean, not only in mosque.

Rugby Field
In New Zealand, you can see this kind of view almost everywhere.

Home sweet home.
Home Sweet Home. Summer Holidays 2009. Kuala Selangor.

Tuan Haji Idrus, ASiS 1st Principal. Will retire next month. Jasamu dikenang.

Pantai Cenang,Langkawi
Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. Hard to find sunset though.


Bunga Pisang
Bread feeds the body indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.

Kais Pagi Makan Pagi, Kais Petang Makan Petang
Tame silverleaf monkeys in front of my house.

Posted this many times on this blog, but never feel bored looking on it.

Melbourne's alley.

Junior Massey

Christchurch Cathedral. Now's no more.

Milford Sound - Stirling Falls.
I want to come again this year, hopefully. Milford Sound.

Elephant Rocks, Oamaru
Happy hour!

Nikkor Series.
Line up of my (ex-)lenses.

I like to shoot flowers. Can't deny that.

Masa itu Emas.

Anzac 5
Summerhill Drive. Lovely place to take photos in Palmerston North.

It was first time I'm shooting model.

Pakistan hai tumhara. Pakistan hai hamara :)

Masjid Jamek
A-Must-Go destination for me when I'm going down to KL. Masjid Jamek.

Zoo Taiping - Bearded Pig
Zoo Taiping. Like shooting animals too, but never had chance to get closer to them in wild.

Grandma :)
My grandma.


Penang City Hall. In HDR.

Soccer Field
Typical soccer field in Malaysia.

Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang.
Full Moon. Taken from my room's window.

Monorail Bridge (Abandoned)
Putrajaya. Taken from Presint 2.

Putrajaya Lake at Night
Long Exposure Test. 1 and half minute.

Playing with Nikon CLS. And also Noiseware to reduce noise level in this image.

The ants.
First try on macro (not so macro) photography.

Rose. Rose Garden.

Church Street's Church
Usually, I prefer not to take any worship places pictures other than mosque. But, this church intriguing me as it has Star of David on the top of the church. Interesting, how can a Jewish symbol can placed a top of Christian's sacred place?

That's all for now. Since the classes commence next Monday, I won't take much pictures as I have other commitment that much important than these. Wish me luck, guys :)

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Laila said...

my most fevret pic is the guy playing the caklempong.he look soo cool. :D