Tuesday, June 8, 2010

London Bridge Is Falling Down.

I came across a facebook status of one of my school's junior. He with his another 29 mates will be going on what they call, "internationalisation" program which is held annually to various countries around the world. And this time, they're going to London, UK.

Well, nothing of it that caught my interest, until this comment on that status:

erm. total campur mkn minum+tmpt tido+nak lawat tempat=7k la
" .

7K? Rupiah? I don't think so. It must be Ringgit Malaysia. Such quite heaps of money for a school trip, right?

~I leave the rest for you guys to ponder~


Uncle said...

Hahaha. Junior ko kat sini pun tgh pening kepala nak menyambut diorg.

apies said...

tu da mcm kos ak blaja tuh....wwwowww