Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jogging Track

It was a cloudy day last morning when I came up here, for the first time after being months away abroad.I used to spend every mornings here with jogging and see-sighting.Bukit Malawati is already known across the nation for its historical values and the beauty of nature that surrounds it.
(And also known as a home of hundres of primat species up there).

Baitul Hilal_1
View of Baitul Hilal,with the background of Malacca Straits.

The hill provided a vantage point to monitor ships in the Straits of Malacca. Even with a strategic hold, the Melawati Fort yielded to the Dutch cannons. It was again destroyed during the Selangor Civil War, when warring factions fought for tin-rich lands. All that remains of the fort now are its cannons, its original foundation stones and fabled execution block. The landscaped hill offers a panoramic view of the Selangor coastline.

About the lighthouse,it's located on an ideal site for monitoring shipping in the straits of Melaka, first by the sultans of Selangor, then by the Dutch and British.

Rumah Api Bukit Malawati

It is now also a place for sighting the "New Moon". A latticed structure called, "Baitul Hilal" has been constructed for the purpose of sighting the new moon to determine the date of fasting month of Ramadhan.

Baitul Hilal,Bukit Malawati.

After about an hour, I headed back downhill to my home which is not too far from there.Wish to come there again sooner or later,maybe to catch out few sunset pictures.


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Nice Jogging track.. I really like this