Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 ; Year In Pictures

Hi guys,

This entry is basically featuring pictures of some significant events that I captured throughout the year, from January to December 2012.

May the new year 2013 being filled with opportunity and a time for peace, hope and unity.

2 January 2012 - Outing with Lensa Malaya at Broga, Semenyih - Was organised by Lensa Malaya as the first activity of the community for 2012. 

7 January 2012 - First AGM of OASiS (Old Boys of ASiS) - ASiS Principal, Encik Baharuddin Burhan gave his speech.

7 January 2012 - First AGM of OASiS (Old Boys of ASiS) - The attendees of the meeting.

The Long Journey.
25 January 2012 - Solo Trip to Penang - The iconic Penang Ferry. I pretty enjoy travelling alone.

Morning at the foothill of Bukit Larut.
1 February 2012 - Went to Maxwell Hill for the first time - Although it is not far from my home, this is the first time I went there.

Outing LensaMalaya KLCC 7hb Februari 2012
8 February 2012 - Outing with Lensa Malaya - KLCC. It was organised by myself under LensaMalaya banner.

11 February 2012 - Lensa Malaya Central Family Day. Was held at Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

Le Waiting (Part 2)
22 February 2012 - Back to New Zealand. One more year to go.

24 March 2012 - Festival of Cultures 2012. Annual event held at The Square, Palmerston North.

Vertorama | Milky Way over Manawatu River
Milky Way seen over the sky of Palmerston North, 28 March 2012.

31 March 2012 - 75th Anniversary of Royal NZ Air Force. Almost similar, but not that grand compared to Malaysian's LIMA.

Le Waiting Part 3
9th April 2012 - Easter Break trip to Wellington. Went there for a week, thanks to Fuad Afif and Dr Rosli for hospitality.

14 April 2012 - Easter Break Trip to Wellington. Was planning to go to Castlepoint, but somehow could not proceed so we went to Wainuiomata Coast instead.

Ice Skating
25 June 2012 - Ice Skating - The Square, Palmerston North. 

28 June 2012 - Salam Perantauan Photoshooting.

Bersatu Games 2012 - 3rd July
3rd July 2012 - BERSATU Games 2012, Christchurch. MUMSA managed to went back with a bronze medal, this time in pool game.

Bersatu Games 2012 - 4th July
4th July 2012 - BERSATU Games 2012, Christchurch. Team Canter, the host of this year event won the overall games, including this volleyball.

Bersatu Games 2012
5th July 2012 - BERSATU Games 2012, Christchurch. Contingent from Wellington, WMSO.

7th July 2012 - Solo Trip to West Coast region. I was there for a week. Love it there and want to come again, if given chance.

10th July 2012 - Solo Cycling Trip. My first long distance cycling. I finished 170km within three days around West Coast.

Solat Eid-ul-Fitr.
19th August 2012 - Eidul Fitr Celebration. The fourth time I celebrated it here in Palmerston North.

19th August 2012 - Eid Fitr Celebration. 

19th August 2012 - Eid Fitr Celebration. Malaysian Community of Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Solat Time.
11 October 2012 - Solat Time. Common view at Islamic Centre, Massey University.

Wellington Station
21 October 2012 - A day visit to Wellington. I went there one week before final exam, just to relax myself around the city.

Whangarei Falls
16 November 2012 - Summer Trip to Northland region. Went to the Northland region for the first time. First destination was Whangarei. Nice place with nice people.

Mission House, Kerikeri Basin at dusk
24th November 2012 - Summer Trip to Northland region. After Whangarei, I went to Kerikeri. The cradle of the nation we call it.

26th November 2012 - Summer Trip to Northland Region. Spent the last four days at Paihia, Bay of Islands. Nice beaches and seaside.

30th November 2012 - Summer Trip to Northland Region. I was lucky to get decent discounted price for this luxury overnight cruise with Great Sights.

Queenstown at dusk
9th December 2012 - Summer Trip to South Island. I went back home after trip to Northland and a week after, I went out again. This time I went south and it begins in Queenstown.

En route to Glenorchy from Queenstown
12 December 2012 - Summer Trip to South Island. I love being in the countryside, where there are not many people around. This is Lake Wakatipu, en route to Glenorchy.

14 December 2012 - Summer trip to South Island. When I was in Glenorchy, I spent a day doing overnight hiking to the first part of world famous Routeburn Track. Although I have to cancel my plan to do further walking up to the mountains due to the severe weather, I pretty enjoyed walking around here especially at Routeburn Flats.

18th December 2012 - Summer Trip to South Island. The last destination for this trip was Lake Tekapo. Nice place with nice scenery. Every season got its own charm and for summer, there are lupines growing around the shore of the lake.

That's all for 2012. Insya Allah, there will be more stories to be told in 2013.



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